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Waterproof Installation

Waterproof sails perform best when installed at a 30-45 degree angle with maximum tension to allow proper runoff. Your new sail comes with a top side and a bottom side. The seams on the edges of the sail should be facing the ground, so that you can see the fold or hem when looking up at it.

If your sail has a seam in the center (on the larger sizes), make sure the seam is facing downward—like a roof tile—so that water can run off the top without collecting in the seam (see diagrams). If water is allowed to sit and collect in the seam, it will drip through. When installed correctly, water will not pool or drip through the sail. It’s normal for a small amount of color to run the first time the sail gets wet, like a brand-new colored shirt in the wash. With proper installation, we think you’ll love your new sail.